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About Us was conceived, designed, and is maintained as a way for amputees to order the basic supplies of everyday life. These supplies include socks, bk sleeves, ak belts, skin care products, upper extremity items, and various other items. Our goal is to keep you going, avoiding frequent, and sometimes expensive, trips to your local prosthetist. This also frees up prosthetists from tedious tasks such as digging through the closet to find more socks or sleeves, allowing them to spend more time with people in greater need.

Although we do have prosthetists on staff to answer basic questions, we are not a replacement to your prosthetist. If you are having difficulty, you need to visit your prosthetist. It is very, very difficult (if not nearly impossible!) to provide quality advice via telephone or email.

We do ask that you be familiar with the items in which you are ordering. We don't accept returns on opened items due to hygiene issues. Most amputees appreciate knowing that their sock, sleeve, etc. has never been worn by someone else.

That's it for who we are, just simple folks trying to help others where and when we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to click 'contact us' to the left.


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